How to EFTTR (expose further to the right)

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Re: Seems very inefficient.

Iliah Borg wrote:

Say, one has a shot of a ColorChecker under daylight and compare linear raw values for red, green, and blue components of the red and blue patches after applying white balance to linear RGB values of the same patches coded in sRGB. The resulting coefficients of the ratio are interesting to study.

Now, it is interesting to compare 2 shots, one with the filter, and the other without a filter. No white balance application is necessary for this experiment. For a CFA that does not allow green light into blue and red sensels only the green channel is affected if a magenta filter is used. Looking at the coefficients of the change of the linear raw values in red, green, and blue values between red, green, and blue patches shot with the filter and without it one can an idea of how permissible CFA filters are.

Thanks for your response, very interesting. Those are clever designed experiments which I'll perform soon myself (anyway, not sure if I'll be able to fully interprete the results -- I'll have a look).
regards, eric

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