Ricoh GRD4 vs. Sony DSC RX100

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clickclack007 wrote:

Pocketpygmy: I'm currently trying to decide between the RX100 and the GRD IV. When I see the pics from the GRD I see something that really appeals to me, as a photographer of 50 (fifty) years. There is just something that strongly appeals to me. That being said, I have yet to see a number of pics from the Sony RX100. Also, if memory serves, there are a lot of fine adjustments that can be made IN CAMERA for the GRD that would reduce PP time. I know that the Sony does have a myriad of settings (mostly junk); but are the GRD settings more intrinsic to fine tuning the shot vs. those in the RX100? This is a BIG point for me in choosing my next camera (I'm selling my Oly PEN E-3 w/17mm lens.). Thanks for your input. I'll try to reach you in another post for your more in-depth thoughts. Thanks! Jeff

pocketpygmy wrote:

it may have an aging sensor, but its lens is certainly not something designed for obsolescence. i "downgraded" from m4/3 to a GRD4 and, y'know what, i don't really miss it... and i am continually impressed with the sharpness of the GRD's lens. i didn't think i'd notice a perceptible difference between sensor size and lens quality, but here i am, talkin' nothing but flowers...

also, sony cameras have no soul. i've done the tests, believe me.

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