advice for ND(s) filter for PanLeica 25 f1.4 l & 14-45 zoom lenses with GX!

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Re: advice for ND(s) filter for PanLeica 25 f1.4 l & 14-45 zoom lenses with GX!

I have yet to find a m43-sized variable ND filter- usually they are very large so that you only have to buy one and can put it on any lens you own. I've personally found it more economical to buy fixed ND filters.

My own kit contains a 3 stop and a 10 stop ND. The 3 stop is usually enough to shoot wide open in bright daylight, and the 10 stop lets me get into flowing water shutter speeds even under bright conditions. Rather than pick up more filters between these, I simply rely on changing exposure settings to get into different effects. It is a compromise, but I value the compact and inexpensive approach of fewer filters over the flexibility and expense of more filters.

The "step up" and "step down" terminology is confusing and not everyone uses them consistently. I have a 46-37 mm ring that threads on to my Olympus 45mm f/1.8 and gives it the ability to take the same 46mm filters that the Panasonic 14mm & 20mm lenses take natively. I have usually heard these called "step up", so the lens is stepping up to a larger filter size. It usually makes more sense to buy the largest filter size needed and get "step up" rings to fit it onto smaller lenses, as this reduces the chance of the ring or filter showing up in the corners of your photos. However, if you look at the front element of your lenses, you may find that they are much smaller than the filter diameter, making it possible to use a smaller filter via a step-down ring. I wouldn't recommend it though. Your milage may vary, especially as zoom lenses may "see" the edges of the ring or filter at different focal lengths.

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