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Re: Articulated screen - deal breaker or deal maker?

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Sanjeev Das wrote:

An articulating screen would be a deal breaker for me.

This is a very odd statement. Why is not having an articulated screen something that you care about, let alone declare the existence of one a deal breaker that outweighs any possible improvement that Pentax can introduce.

Also, what prevents you from keeping the screen folded flat? This way there's no difference compared to a fixed screen.


Deal breaker. OK, maybe deal breaker is a strong word, but I would be highly dissatisfied if it had one.

First, I never use the LCD screen to compose and as such I don't want an articulated screen if I am not going to use it.

Second, for me, the camera is not just a means to an end. How it looks and feels in my hand is also very important to me. I find that the addition of an LCD screen with the hinges and the extra bulk make it aesthetically less appealing.

Having owned several cameras with articulated screens, you eventual come to appreciate having one on board. Why hang over the edge of a wall or cliff when you can just as easily hold the camera over the edge aimed down and still be able to compose the image. Yes the other way is more authentic but this way you get to show your image rather than it being drapped next to your coffin as your last image ever. Fine way to die but not necessary if you have an articulated screen.

I would love to see some of those images taken by you that would have got people like me killed.

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