iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

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Re: iPad Photosmith app, Lightroom plugin, and iPad filenames

FlightDeck wrote:

I should also mention that I've found that the Eye-Fi connections can be a bit flaky. It seems that if the camera has a sleep mode, sometimes the Eye-Fi card stops doing it's thing unless I reboot the camera. Similar seems to happen if the iPad isn't awake during the minute or so that the Eye-Fi card is looking for something. With both devices capable of sleeping, it seems a bit random what needs to be done to get them communicating again when they stop. This may be interfering with your setup. It took me a while before I got the camera and card working, long before I ever tried adding Photosmith to the mix.

If I may ask, do you have the iPad Eye-Fi app installed or not at all? Folowing instruction from Eye-FI, it seems mandatory but then yur early posts say to make sure it is not, correct?

In addition, Photosmith support pages say:

To confirm that the native Eye-Fi app and/or Shuttersnitch aren’t running in the background on your iPad:
1) Double-click the Home button on your iPad.

2) Tap and hold one of the icons at the bottom of your screen until they start shaking.
3) Find the Eye-Fi and/or Shuttersnitch app icon and top and red minus-sign.

4) Click the Home button on your iPad once to stop the icons from shaking, and then one more to return to your home screen
5) Now tap the Photosmith icon.

6) Go Services > Eye-Fi and tap “Disabled” then “Enabled” to try and start the Eye-Fi service again

Step 3 is a maybe a type? Do they mean to tap the X and delete the app altogether? I don't see a red-minus sign.

I've now spent a week trying to get this Eye-Fi to function for me at all except as a normal SD card when plugged into the PC. But even THAT is flaky with failing to initialize more often then not.

At this point I still have these troubles:

1) When the card is in the camera and I take a shot the display screen shows a blinking wifi icon as if connecting then stops before the camera of Ipad sleep. In addition the menu Eye-Fi settings Connection info fails any connection attempt.

2) Photosmith detects a card upload key. I can select the key and see that the Service status says "Running" but nothing ever happens after that to ever see any images imported however until the camera seems to send without the problems above I don't expect much. Like you said, I need to get the camera and card working before expecting to add Photosmith to the mix. Does the Photosmith Import from Eye-fi screen need to be active and showing at the same time the camera is blinking its connecting icon?

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