Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

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Re: An equation with too many unknown variables

Ralf Bliesener wrote:

That is what I believe can be concluded from all this.

P.S.: Off topic: Dissing someone else's findings as "rubbery" apparently did not help in keeping the discussion on a factual level.

Fact: I didn't even notice the A57 red record light blinking under my thumb until I had buffer clearing delays when taking video at a fair.

Opinion: I believe that both the Original Poster of this thread and the Web site that the OP demeaned provided reasonably correct and unbiased data from their tests. I feel that this data, in its totality, can be interpreted to make rational decisions about purchases of SDHC cards from Class 4 to "Ultra high speed" class 10.

I also feel that if the user with a working SD card of any class does nothing and reads no SD card specs and makes no new SD card purchases, the worst that can happen is an additional 30 second wait period for buffer clearing in continuous still mode with the A57.

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