Shooting Gun Muzzle Blast Question

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Re: Shooting Gun Muzzle Blast Question

NativeTxn wrote:

I would think that what you did was probably the best approach. I.e. put the camera at its highest FPS rate and hope for the best.

If you shoot 6 FPS, then each shot takes .1667 seconds. I am not sure exactly how long a muzzle blast lasts, but it is not very long at all. Think about it this way - from the time the firing pin clicks to the time the bullet hits the end of the range is less than one second, so the entire process is probably done before your camera has finished its 6 shots. The muzzle blast is visible for a fraction of a second - that is why with many guns, you don't really even notice it that much with just the naked eye.

One of those triggers for firing the shutter when lightning strikes.

I'm not sure if it would work or not, but i guess you could email a manufacturer and ask.

Another option (depending on the range) is turn off the lights, open the shutter, have the shooter shoot(the gun), close the shutter, turn on the light.

Actually if you have the camera on a tripod you might be able to do it with the light on.

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