NEX buyer Considering Change.. Advise Appreciated

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NEX buyer Considering Change.. Advise Appreciated

Hello Everyone

I went from a point and shoot user to the newish Sony Nex f3 a few months ago. At first I was in love with my new camera. I have made some nice pictures.

However, the contrast detection auto focus on the Nex just makes me miss so many focus attempts when taking pictures of the kids ect. You know the moments they do something cute and someone says "quick take a picture". When I take the picture too many times the camera focuses on the background or something wrong. When I have time to make sure the focus is accurate or when taking a landscape photo everything is ok. But for moving kids its just missing too many shots. Its driving me nuts. haha

SO this takes me to research and from the way I am understanding this I may be better off with a Phase detection Auto Focus system. This takes me to the DSLR cameras. Being a sony user I figured I would take a look at the Alpha series cameras. I am considering the a57, canon t4i, and nikon d5100.

I have grown used to using the screen over EVF for taking photos. (nexf3 has no EVF). Does the sony a37, a57 use phase detect autofocus when in live view mode? From what I understand the canon and nikon do not. They switch to contrast detection.

Also with the Nex camera it seem that it takes a long time to take a picture. Meaning i half press the shutter and then have to wait a long time in many cases before the camera will shot a shot. When I am in stores trying out DSLR's they seem to take pictures very quick. Its almost instantly. A quick click and the picture in taken.

My other question is about Video recording. I do like to recored HD video of the kids and since getting the nex camera I no longer need a camcorder. How do these cameras compare in video recording using the live view mode? I am the type of user that would like to shoot video in autofocus mode.

I am trying to understand why the Canon and Nikon cameras seem to be so much more popular than the Sony Alpha when the Sony seems to have more features built in with the different shooting effects ect.

What am I really giving up if I chose the Sony over the Nikon and Canon?

I know I will be giving up auto bracketing for HDR shots. I have been using manual bracketing with my Nex and it is annoying that Sony wont put this feature on the cameras. But the amount of landscape shots that I would make HDR is so so small vs the portrait and candid shots of the family.

Thanks for the advise everyone. I know this is a sony forum and if i ask on Canon and Nikon I may get different answers. I think since sony is the outsider that most sony users have either owned one of the other brands or they are familiar enough with the pluses and negatives of the others so they can give an accurate answer. It seems Canon and Nikon has some fanboys like Apple and Android users.

Thanks Everyone for the time to help educate me.


Canon EOS Rebel T4i (EOS 650D / EOS Kiss X6i) Nikon D5100 Sony SLT-A37 Sony SLT-A57
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