Sony RX100 or Panasonic FZ200?

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Re: Sony RX100 or Panasonic FZ200?

Decided yet? I haven't used the FZ200, but the previous FZ150, also used the RX100, S90 (and S100).

The RX100 is IMO a really nice camera, maybe the best digital compact ever - provided the zoom range fit your usage. Personlly I've been looking for the best "P&S" for years and used a lot of different models. There is always a catch though which is why I still have (but rarely use) my old Nikon 8800.

What I really want is the sensor from RX100, give it about 5x zoom (F4 at the long end would be nice, but not a rquirement), a (small) built in EVF, hotshoe, a grip or at least a rubberized area on the front and decent AF. Not too much to ask IMO, it would certanly need to be bigger than RX100, but probably not much bigger than a G12 or P7100.

It's a pity, the technology is clearly there, but it doesn't look like anybody want to put it all into one camera. I'll keep looking, but if I already had a S90 and felt the zoom range was restrictive then I'd keep it and get the FZ200 which looks like a nice model. The Fz150 was certainly very good for a superzoom and I'd expect FZ200 to at least match S90 on high Iso performance. And with a fixed F2.8 lens it will have an aperture advantage except at wide angle.

If I already owned a S90 I'd certainly hold of any new pruchase until after Photokina. Samsung, Panasonic and Nikon already launched new advanced compact models, but Canon and Olympus haven't. I'd expect at Canon to come out with an upgrade to G12, S100 or both and Olympus (possibly) with an XZ1-upgrade.

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