How to reduce shine on face?

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Re: How to reduce shine on face?

Can't see why a little make-up would be an issue for passport photos. After all, women don't strip it all off when they have their picture taken.

So if you want recommendations as to a selection, here's what I have in my run bag as a general fix-it kit when there's no make-up artist to be had...

(All MAC, and all pressed powders by the way...)

Transparent Finishing powder
Medium Dark
Deep Dark
A few fresh pads
Blotting Tissues

Usually a light application across the "T zone" is all you need and there is no discernible difference - except now there's no shine. A very light coat and firm enough pressure to blend it in well (so you don't see loose powder)

The NW range is more for caucasian skin types where shine is usually sweat based and the others are generally a blotting type powder for darker skins and Asian skin where shine tends to be from excess grease on the skin. The transparent is a catch all which works quite well if you are not sure you'll get a good match. The Deep Dark isn't that dark and on very dark skin it may have the effect of lightening the skin tone a little - but given the limitations of print this isn't always a bad thing and you're not going to upset anyone.

Far too many discussions with make-up artists got me to this generalised range - but over the last 10 years it has served me very well.


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