FZ200 Video - Slow motion

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Re: FZ200 Video - Slow motion

GreGory wrote:

Doing it "directly in camera" doesn't do anything good per se, but the trick of the FZ200 is, it captures 120 FPS. So even if you play it at 1/4 speed (that would be 30 FPS) the picture gets refreshed 30/sec, which is the normal refreshment rate in NTSC country (eg. USA).

What happens "in camera" is that the captured 120 frames/ sec are 'stretched' to 30 frames/ sec, so eg. a 1min sequence is written to a 4min slow motion sequence file.

It's a pity that Panny did not include the option to store the video at 120/100 fps or 220/200fps for the user to pp in video software - that would have been a show stopper.

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