P8000 / Nikon1-F1 future RX100/EX2F/LX7 Killer?

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Re: P8000 / Nikon1-F1 future RX100/EX2F/LX7 Killer?

One of the big advantages of the P7100 over the G12 was that 18-200mm zoom, it is so versatile. Losing that, which would be the case if using a 1" sensor and keeping the body small would cause a gap in the line-up.

I think Nikon are probably better placed than most to compete witht the XR100 in the immediate future by bringing out a sister camera for the N1 series which would be based around the J1 body with a fixed lens and a 1" sensor, a technology that they are pretty advanced with and with excellent AF, which combined with a fast lens would be a great camera. Seeing what the XR100 does, Perhaps a 16MP sensor would be a popular middle ground for buyers.

One of the good things about the XR100 is their Clear zoom tecnology which in effect gives extra zoom with relatively little degradation - unless you are a big pixel peeper, which is not what this camera is about. The XR100 is a 'compact' only in name, it is doing something that takes the term 'compact' to an entirely new level.

What is likely to emerge from all of this is an understanding of the significance of a 1" sensor, sort of iron really when you think what a bashing Nikon got when first adopting it, it could become one of the most important developments in setting camera design fort he next 5 years.

I have some examples of the Clear Zoom on my blog page for anyone interested. http://pinkfootstudio.blogspot.com
my blog http://pinkfootstudio.blogspot.com
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