So what are these 2 rumored Sigma m43 lenses going to be?

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So what are these 2 rumored Sigma m43 lenses going to be?

Kazuto Yamaki, boss of Sigma, has said three key things this year about their plans for Mirrorless lenses.

  • "[mirrorless customers are] enthusiasts and novices [he left out pros]. Novice mirrorless photographers might not buy additional lenses… so we will make lenses for enthusiast."

  • when asked if Sigma would continue with primes like the 19mm and 30mm, he said "once [mirrorless cameras] have a larger market share, zoom lenses will become more popular"

  • "our philosophy of lens development has been always to fill the gap of the camera manufacturers... we will keep continue doing the same in the mirrorless market"

There are a number of websites mentioning rumours that Sigma has 2 new Digital Neo lenses that it will launch this year, probably at Photokina, and that these 2 lenses have been designed specifically for m43 and are not modified APS-C lenses.

So do you think Yamaki-san's comments mean 2 zoom lenses for enthusiasts are coming?

When he made these comments, the Panasonic 12-35mm was not launched (and the 35-100mm still isn't) so those 2 focal lengths at constant f/2.8 as a pair could have been considered "gaps". Would those be considered "enthusiast" though?

Could one of these lenses be a travel superzoom instead? Sigma has a long history in making superzooms, and while m43 already has 2 ~10x superzoom lenses, Sigma has also produced 7x and 14x superzooms. I think a 7x superzoom, like a 14-100mm or even better still a 12-90mm, would make a lot of sense on m43 sizewise, and it would be a "gap" not currently catered for.

Or was he just blowing smoke and we'll see 2 more primes?

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