Who's using Vivitar 285's?

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Consider YongNuo YN-560 II

jezsik wrote:

I'm looking to experiment with some off-camera flash but don't want to invest my retirement savings to get a couple more Canon strobes. I pulled my trusty old 283's out of storage, but they've given up the ghost.

Too late for you, but for others: Pull your old flashes out of storage every six months or so and fire 10-20 full power flashes. This keeps the capacitor healthy.

I see the 285 can be purchased for less than a hundred bucks, so it may be worth investing in a few, but I want to know if anyone here is using them and can give me some pros and cons.

The real Vivitar is dead - http://dpanswers.com/roztr/company_show.php?id=9 . The resurrected 285HV is now manufactured by an unknown company for Sakar, and the quality is IMHO not as it used to be. Also, the 285HV is mainly an auto-thyristor flash with only five steps varipower. For multiple off-camera flashes you need varipower, not auto.

I suggest you take a look at a more recently designed manual flash: The YongNuo YN-560 II - http://dpanswers.com/roztr/flash_show.php?id=766&pid=YN560II . It has 8 varipower steps and a sound signal that I find handy for off-camera use.
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