CP4500 has a RAW mode!

Started Jan 21, 2003 | Discussions thread
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Ok I played, here are my findings....

The Raw program works as advertised. I downloaded Nikon Capture 3.0 and updated it to 3.5. Here is what I found....

Nikon Capture is sloooow. Even on my blazing fast machine, each change (exposure, white balance, sharpen, tone) can take 10-20 seconds each to process so you can see an update.

I loaded both the JPG Fine version and the RAW (NEF) version into photoshop side-by-side (8 bit vs. 16 bit ). The difference between JPG Fine and RAW is really hard to see, I mean even @ 300% I couldn't tell one from the other, there was just a hint of more noise in the RAW file (strange). Tonality wise you have more to play with as far as levels and curves go before posterization creeps in with the 16 bit RAW, however the tonal differences between both images were not quite visible to my eyes.

All things considered the RAW format doesn't seem to be a tool I will use often if any. I think alot of people wanted RAW (including myself), but will find as I have that the speed of saving RAW, the speed of processing and limited differences between JPG and RAW will really only please the purists more than any.


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