Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

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Re: Rob Galbraiths Rubbery figures.

I'm not going to shoot you but the point just seems to be getting lost in translation.

My point is this, how come the A57 produces a high result comparable to the Canon 5DMK11 Mk111 Canon 1D over the 30 second burst and yet the low mark on the 20mb card is still the same as the 95mb/card.

But when you look at the Canon scores the high mark is no better than the A57 using the Pro cards 1000 and yet the low mark for say the 20mb/card is nearly half the result of the 20mb/card in the A57.

It just does not add up.

if the tests were accurately done and not just a calculation based on mb/sec then why is the A57 producing real world results for the 20/mb card and the 95mb/card which are the same allowing for 5 percent measurment error and yet the results in the Poweful canon group shows the 20mb/card is way down on speed compared to the top card?

To me it sticks out and says there is something not right with Robs results.....its almost like a scale test in Mythbusters.where they prove that you just can't take a 1/10th scale object and compare the results to a full size object...the calculations will not add up because results are flawed once you go under a certain size ratio.the same with these cards applying what a 1000 card can do and then doing some calculations or relying on a manufacturers web site to provide detail on what a 20mb card can do in camera without actually doing a test in camera..

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