Anticipation of new toys!!

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Anticipation of new toys!!

Ordered an OWC 240GB Extreme Pro SSD and 16GB of RAM for my 17in 2011 MBP!!! Delivery on Monday. I just want to be sure for the SSD I am prepared properly.

So far I have:

Cleaned up my drive and moved personal files (Documents,Music,Pics, and Movies) to a 4TB West Dig Thunderbolt enclosure. This was done to free up space on the current Int. HD.

I then used Super Duper to clone the drive to a DMG file that I can use to restore onto the new SSD.

When the new drive comes in I will install SSD in main HD location, and use the Data Doubler to mount the current 750GB OEM HD.

Is it possible with just these installs to then boot to the 750GB in the optical bay straight off? Or am I way off? two possible scenarios are.

1. Install as above and then use Disk utility to restore DMG on the Thunderbolt drive to the new drive. Boot to the new drive and wipe the 750GB. Then transfer files and disperse between the two internal drives accordingly from the thunderbolt drive.

2. If 1. is not possible the plan is to install SSD into data doubler use disk util to restore from thunderbolt drive... then swap the int HD with the SSD in the "old" optical bay. then wipe the old OEM HD then disperse files accordingly from the thunderbolt drive.

I would much prefer option 1 for it contains less steps but is this possible?

LOL why can't it all be as simple as the RAM SWAP?!?!
Patrick D.

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