Aperture Frozen

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benross wrote:

ReMask is NOT compatible with Aperture, Lightroom or iPhoto.
This is what is noted -not very loudly!- in their site.

That is, as a direct plugin. I use it as a plugin with PSL 10 as external editor. Or FotoFXlab as an external editor (when I want to do 16 bit). Of-course it can be used with Photoshop as the external editor. As far as I know, this is the only Topaz plugin not compatible with Fusion Express. But I don't have any other Topaz plugin yet. There might be some quiet notes about other plugins that I didn't find!

benross, thanks for the note and link. I went back to the Topaz ReMask website where I read about it and the link to order it and nothing there about incompatibility with Aperture. I should have gone further to the specifications page. I didn't because my iMac is recent model, up dated and compatible with just about everything. And I was fooled by Topaz claim that Fusion Express would work with their plugins. I am new to all this and was hoping to get by with Aperture plus plugins for the things I'd like to try and skip PSL for now. I should have gone with OnOne's Masking Software as it is compatible with Aperture. They had a discount sale which ended yesterday.

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