S100 Repair Experience

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Attn Gail

Gail, I just added some non flash (somewhat) lower light shots. Two are the mall tonight and another is our local post office a night or so ago. Lastly there is a shot in the pet food aisle again a night or so ago. Needless to say these are not posted as art etc. but rather proof that I carry the camera everywhere. Having only had the camera two or three weeks I have been trying to figure out how it will do in a variety of situations.

The two from the mall were tonight and both on auto (possibly "superior auto" where two shots are combined BUT no tripod etc. needed). These are legitimate straight from camera downloads...not even brightness has been adjusted. Nothing has been touched. I believe the post office was auto but I am not sure (could be the low light "scene" setting to try it out..I just can't remember). The pet food aisle shot: I turned down brightness in pp but only because I was surprised that the shot almost had a bokeh effect with the closer items sharper than the far end of the row.

Found an older amusement park ride shot so I'll throw that in the mix too.

All of these shots were basically out of curiosity on how the camera would handle the various shooting situations at hand. The pet aisle was colorful and I thought the camera did a good job. I'm certain if I handed the RX100 to a grandchild (etc) with it set on auto a high percentage of shots would be pretty good.

I know you didn't ask for these but thought you might find the shooting conditions interesting.

BTW: Not trying to hijack a camera repair thread so please all others accept my apology. Just wanted to show Gail some examples.

The S series are good cameras. I loved my S90 but there is another choice or two out there with the RX100 being the most recent.

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