Any FD 24mm 2.8 users out there?

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Re: Vivitar/Kiron 24mm f/2 wide open

ProfHankD wrote:

As you can see, contrast is lousy (admitedly, I didn't do anything to improve the out-of-camera JPEG

Yeah but still I'm impressed with the detail in your corner crop. Nice lens!

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your FDn shot shows sharpening artifacts?) and there's a fair degree of glow.

All I did is crop and autolevel because the color temp was way off (fluorescent lighting). But I agree about the artifacts in the 5n crop--I assure you I did not sharpen . The original uncropped but not autoleveled still shows artifacts....wierd.

The autolevel did improve contrast by making the white whiter of course. if you really need to see the original crop I can upload--just yell.

There is still a reasonable level of detail, but it certainly isn't challenging the 24MP sensor of my NEX-7. Really resolving about enough detail for sharp 6MP images... although it gets much better stopped down.

In summary, using the Vivitar/Kiron 24mm f/2 wide open is either for a soft look or in desperation.

No no...I disagree; this lens or yours is perfectly usable wide open with a reasonable resize up to 1600X I would imagine. I'm impressed. I bet the Zeiss would be a blurry mess at f2 in the corners with fine text tests like this.

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