Newbie question about third party lenses...

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Re: Newbie question about third party lenses...

Although I'm not a Canon shooter, I'd definitely, without a blink of the eye, choose the Tamron on your choice of lenses list.

Its a f2.8 straight through lens and its also got the Vibration Control (VC) feature.

I use to have the Nikon version, and thought it was very good and sharp, and a bargain for the price.

f2.8 lens will give better looking bokeh (background blurring, easier to put it) than a f3.5-f5.6 lens.

Ok, other factors can make a difference, but as you are a newbie, I'm not going to complicate things more by waffling on.

You would be able to shoot in low light situations, substantially better than the other lens that you mentioned, especially if no tripods are permitted.

I also see that you list the two sigma lens, which may suggest that you are not sure of the differences.

Put it short, if you like doing macro shots of objects or close up shots of flowers, then the macro version will suit you better. If you are into macro shooting, I'd suggest that you get a sturdy tripod, as the narrow depth of field can result in you getting an out of focus shot, if you hand held the camera.

The Tamron 90mm macro has good reviews about it, should you want a macro lens
Good Luck

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