7D w/ 2.0 FW changed auto ISO performance

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Re: 7D w/ 2.0 FW changed auto ISO performance

I shoot manual and set the aperture and shutter speed and then set the camera on auto iso. I used tobe able to use aperture lock. That is, point the camera where I want the exposure to be middle grey and press the ae lock. Now ae lock on my 7d does not work in manual, only in av or tv. Canon has programed it right on their t4i, that is:
Camera set on manual and I set the shutter speed and aperture.
I set iso on auto.
I can then use ae lock to get the right exposure.

I also use back exposure on both cameras.

Works like a charm.

PS same type of settings works with flash. Use manual and set you shutter and aperture with auto iso. Get the right iso for natural light. Change auto iso to what you need for natural light. Then use manual on your flash and increase or decrease power as needed. Works well on objects not moving and changing their natural light. In that case you need to use the auto flash function (canon called ettl),

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