Photoshop scratch disk problem

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Photoshop scratch disk problem

Running Photoshop 7 on an i5 self-built PC with 8GB ram, 64GB SSD (C:) and a 1TB spinner HDD (D:). I have PS7's scratch disk assigned to D: to avoid needless writing to the SSD. This morning when I opened Photoshop 7, a popup said:

Scratch Disks:

  • First: D:\

  • Second: None

  • Third: None

  • Forth: None

  • "The currently selected scratch disks are almost full"

Clicking OK popped up another window saying that there might be a hardware problem. Restarted Win7 and the first popup happened again. But clicking OK did not produce the second popup and PS7 opened normally and I can use PS7.

I don't understand why PS7 thinks the scratch disk is almost full since drive D: has 792GB free space.


1. Restarted Win7. (problem persists)
2. Changed PS7's scratch disk in "preferences" to C:. (problem cleared)
3. Changed PS7's scratch disk in "preferences" back to D:. (problem persists)

4. Renamed PS7's preferences file so PS7 would create a new one. (problem cleared but that's because the new preferences was set to "Startup Disk" which is the C: SSD. Set the scratch disk to D: and the problem came back.

5. Did a system restore to two days prior. PS7 did not have the problem all day yesterday, so 2 days prior should have been good. (problem persists)
6. Removed and re-installed PS7. (problem persists)

Anyone ever have that error popup? If so, how did you fix it?

(PS: the blank lines above and below item-4 are not intentional. It's this obsolete's forum software that's doing it.)


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