5Dc focus screen won't come out

Started Aug 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
PaulCarlucci OP Junior Member • Posts: 37
Re: 5Dc focus screen won't come out

Live by the sword.... wound up using my trusty pocket knife to cram it back in there as well, which I should mention is disconcerting. Then again, not as bad as the previous step which was grabbing a piece of paper, pressing it up against the focus screen and then pressing with my fingers.

It could get in there a little better as manual and auto focus don't exactly agree but it's close enough. It's certainly within the tolerances of what the EE-D said was in focus with a fast prime.

In any case I only have CPS Silver and my wife is 37 weeks pregnant. I'd really like to have this body around non-stop for the next little while so I'm not going to send it off quite yet. Thanks for reading all my blathering. I didn't want to pose a question and then run away without stating what was done in the end.

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