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Re: Jazz at the Pawnshop

Ray Sachs wrote:

Enicar wrote:

If you like jazz (now that is a wide genre) you may be familiar with a set of recordings made in Sweden in december 1976 in an small club called the Pawnshop. These recordings are called "Jazz at the Pawnshop".

Yes, but a lot more than two acoustic guitars in those sessions!

Today I stopped to listen to the the street musicians playing Latino Jazz ( maybe could be called Django R. style) and then noticed that they had sat down just outside a pawnshop.

Very nice photo and very cool association with the pawnshop... It doesn't get any better than Django, but I think that was generally considered Gypsy Jazz, since those were his roots.

You're absolutly right about Django and Gypsy Jazz. I just always have a difficulty defining musical genre when I try to describe what I've heard.
Glad you like the photo. The music was cool too.


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