Nikon D800E to replace 4x5 & 8x10 600, 800, and 1200mm lenses

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Get Leica 100, 180 apo and zeiss 50 MP, and 21

I'm not a big LF shooter, but i shoot with my 4X5 linhof once in a while.

That said, I recently moved from Canon to Nikon with the D800e. The move to nikon was somewhat planned.

I do a lot of stitching and I do a bit focus-stacking. Once you stitch the final resolution has so much tone and detail that nothing comes close. However, you need to have the right lenses.

the leica R lenses (can be converted to nikon f month) and I would get the 100/2.8 apo as well at the 180/2.8 apo. The stitch from these lenses have an amazing look to them.

Next to that I would get the Zeiss 50MP. I Love stitch with this, especially shooting at f/2.8-4 with a near subject in focus and creating a very nice 3d look. But for this kind of shot you need to align your nodal point.

Once you get efficient at quickly stitching a vertical mounted shot in 2x6 grid, it will give you some amazing landscape images, and you could shoot a lot faster still than with a 4X5. Especially if the image lends itself for metallic prints (like skylines, etc.) you can't stop looking at your own print

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