Controlling Nikon speedlights with Canon 5D mkII + Pocketwizard

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Re: Controlling Nikon speedlights with Canon 5D mkII + Pocketwizard

tiagogracio wrote:

Do you know if I will be able to control the power of Nikon Speedlights on my Nikon camera with Cactus V6, Phottix Strato II or Phittix Odin?

First, apologies for all the typos when I typed in the name to these products.
It is actually Cactus V5, Phottix Strato II, Phottix Odin.

Cactus 5 and Phottix Strato II (like PW Plus III) are generic units. Works fine with both Canon and Nikon, but they will only trigger the flash by radio - no manual or TLL power control from camera position (they have groups, so you can turn a group on or off, but no finer grained change power). To change the power, you'll have to walk right up to the flash and change it.

Phottix Odin (like PW FlexTT5) is dedicated to one particular system. The Canon version won't work with Nikon gear, and vice versa.

However, Phottix Odin gives you full manual control over each flash group from camera position in steps of 1/3 EV.

Instead of the awkward piggyback solution of the the PW AC3, the Phottix Odin has the Zone Controller integrated in the commander unit (which you place in the camera's hot-shoe).
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