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lomrau wrote:

I also wanted it because I want to take high speed photos like, for example objects being dropped in water, or shooting an apple with an air rifle etc etc.

Check out this video tutorial. It is a bit over the top and he is using two flashes, but I think you can duplicate it pretty well by using one flash one one side and a reflector (e.g. wide cardboard) on the other: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ii-UEWhLoGI

The key is that he is using Nikon's wireless flash triggering capability to do this, so make sure you understand how the commander mode on your D90 works. NB: Use manual mode with shutter speed 1/200 second if you're using a D90, aperture f/8.0.

Instead of dropping objects by hand, you can have a plastic bag filled with water over the container with water you're photographing. Make a tiny hole in one corner. This makes drops splashing into the container at a steady rate, making timing the shot simpler.

If I have understood it right, the best way to do this is in a dark room with the camera on a long shutter speed. But how would I then trigger the flash?

This method (dark room and long shutter speed) require a more sophisticated setup where you use a special sound or optical trigger to sense the moving object and to fire the flash (as already mentioned by Leonard Migliore).

Maybe it is not possible with the things I have right now?

The above tutoral shows you how to do it without such a trigger. Then you trigger the camera yourself. Your may use your wireless remote to trip the shutter.
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