How is this for a first studio shot?

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Re: How is this for a first studio shot?

PKLAT wrote:

This is my first time using a studio setup, I borrowed my friends studio for this shot. And would very much like to see your criticism and suggestions. It was a 5 light studio, two lights lighting the background, one from behind left on the subject, and one softbox on right infront. One light lighting the background was bare bulb. I know my background is not so even, but I'll work on that.

This is a good frist try. The main issue I see:

1) Two much light on the back of his neck camera left. This could be background lights spilling on the subject or it could be your separation light behind left was too bright or a combination of both. For hi key the background lights need to be flagged so they don't spill light on the subject and you need to have subject at least 6 ft in front of the background. For a hi-key shot, you don't need a separation light, maybe a hair light.

2) You do not mention a fill light, though I assume that was the 5th light. To me there is too much shadow under the chin camera left, especially considering how much light is on the back of his neck on that side.

3) It does not look to me like your softbox is big enough for a 3/4 length shot like this. Lighting on hands is lower than face. This is not necessarily bad. It tends to draw attention to the face. I would have posed this differently, so this was not an issue.

4) I don't like the posing with the hands just hanging at the side. The suit jacket is too tight. Would be better if you had him unbutton it. The camera angle is too low. These though are not lighting issues.

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