Q about calibrating the NEC PA241W

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off the shelf i1D2 not a great match for PA241W

jmmec wrote:

This is exactly what I did for my PA241W: purchased the new Eye-One Display II from B&H, and then purchased the Spectraview software directly off the NEC website.

Not a wise way to go. A stock i1D2 has terrible copy to copy variation compared to the custom profiled i1D2 from NEC.

Also, I'm not 100% sure it applies wide gamut compensation to the stock i1D2s, if not, then it would be a total mess of a disaster, but maybe it does.

Now getting on off the shelf i1Dsiplay Pro does make sense, since it is not locked in like the one from NEC, it's a MUCH better probe than an off the self i1D2, MUCH, MUCH, MUCHHHHH better, x-rite uses the PA241 as their wide gamut calibration basis for it so off-the shelf ones are tuned for it.

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