Flash recommendations with pocket wizard.

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Re: Flash recommendations with pocket wizard.

dnercesian wrote:

So now I am looking into additional units and am wondering if there are any benefits to actually buying additional Olympus flashes, like the FL-50R which has a sync port. This is $500 per unit.

IMHO no.

Assuming your PWs are MultiMax or Plus III, it does not make sense to get a dedicated Oly flash to use with these, because you'll have to dumb it down to manual anyway.

On the other side, might there be recommendations out there for other flashes with sync ports that are less expensive and manual. I am under the assumption that I will be using them on manual anyway. Hell, I use my on camera flash on manual most of the time.

Here is a page where I list the flashes I like with varipower and sync ports: http://dpanswers.com/content/genrc_flash_models.php - Perhaps one of those on the list may appeal to you?

Unfortunately, most of the cheap manual ones are discontinued, and only two of those listed are still produced:

IMHO, the LumoPro LP160 is overprized. However David Hobby's fans seem to like it (I wonder why).

I believe YongNuo YN-560 II is good value, unless you handle your kit rough. But it may seem a bit odd to combine a pro class PW kit with a small, dinky plastic flash unit.

The recently discontinued Sunpak Auto 622 Super Pro hammerhead gives you a lot of power (in a large package). It also is part of a system, so you can buy filters and diffusers. That would be my choice, but not everybody are into hammerheads.

Alternatively, look for discontinued Nikon Speedlites (e.g. Nikon SB-28). These are high quality units, but even well used, they go for a premium.
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