Controlling Nikon speedlights with Canon 5D mkII + Pocketwizard

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Re: Controlling Nikon speedlights with Canon 5D mkII + Pocketwizard

tiagogracio wrote:

Can anyone help me regarding the Pocketwizard system?

I need a system to fire Nikon Speedlights (SB-800, SB-900, etc...) no matter what kind of Camera I'm using (Nikon or Canon).

I'm looking for something like:

When using Nikon Camera:

  • MiniTT1 + AC3 ZoneController

  • FlexTT5 on each Nikon strobe.

Is this is the best set to get the most of Nikon system?

IMHO, no. But if really want to use PocketWizards for remote TTL control of Nikon Speedlites, it will do that. (But there are a lot of other configurations that let you fire Nikon Speedlights by radio, such as Phittix Odin)

But if I want to use my Canon 5D mkII...
Witch Pocketwizard should I use to fire the Nikon speedlights with FlexTT5?

The PocketWizard FlexTT5 is system specific, it makes no sense to use that particular model to mix Nikon and Canon gear.

If you want to mix brands, everything must be dumbed down to be generc and manual (i.e. no TTL or manual control from camera position.

If you're in love with PocketWizards (I'm not) check out their Plus III triggers.

If you want to save some money, check out some of the more modestly priced alternatives to Plus III (e.g. Cactus V6 or Phottix Strato II).
– gisle [ See profile/plan for equipment list ]

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