RX100 semi hard case

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Try the LowePro Santiago 20

s majesk wrote:

Don't know if there's anything better for My purpose.
LowePro "Santiago DV25"
Offers quite hard but flexible case that is a perfect size for
the RX100 plus maybe extra card and battery.

I have the Santiago 20 and 25, both have hard backs so the Play button is less likely to be pressed accidentally.

I stopped using the 25 because it is too large for the camera, and also because it is vertical, so it gets in the way when I try to sit down.

The 20 is much smaller, and even though it appears that the RX100 won't fit, surprisingly it does. Even more amazing, you can fit a spare card & battery in it. Until you try it, you won't believe it is possible. It is also horizontal, so when I carry it on my waist belt, it doesn't get in the way when I sit. It is the smallest horizontal case for the RX100 that I could find that has a rigid back & belt loop.

The only improvement that can be made to it is a magnetic flap instead of zipper.

I have the Olympus on order as well. I may end up spending more on cases than the camera

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