travel lens: I want speed not range

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Re: travel lens: I want speed not range

robjons wrote:

Rather than longer focal length, i.e., 18-300, I’d really like a FASTER travel zoom.
I want shallow DoF. If 2.8 is impractical for a superzoom, how about:

Fast and Shallow DOF are different beasts, a shallow DOF can easily be achieved with the 18-300, you just need to be able to zoom in a bit more and a have bit more distance to your subject.
Fast (as in aperture)

For DX maybe 18-135 3.5-4 ?
For FX maybe 28-180 3.5-4.5 ?

If you want a shallower DOF and more speed (as in wide aperture I assume), then I do not see what these lenses will really help you compared to the likes of a 18-300.. Both have the same aperture as the 18-300 you mention, and the f/4 vs f/5.6 does not make a significant difference and can easily be compensated with a bit more zooming.

If you really want to have a faster zoom then I think you'll be looking at the Nikon 24-70mm/2.8 or the Tamron 17-50mm/2.8, or just carry a 35/50mm-1.8 next to a slower superzoom.

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