Epson R3000: refillable cartridges or CISS ?

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Hi Alpha Doug,

You might be right: at this very moment there are several good pigment inks like Image Specialists, Inkjetfly, OCP and the improved IRK4-nano Vivid (not the older formulation with that greenish cast in the ABW-mode). As far as the Cone ink concerns, I cannot comment on this, because I never had tried it.

All the aforementioned ink sets have tried and reviewed by me in the past. All have some (minor) issues, but the latest IRK4-nano Vivid Magenta ink is absolute perfect: great gamut, extremely glossy/minimal metamerism and gloss differential, very good flow, optimal Dmax (deep blacks) and most importantly: perfect neutral ABW when using the neutral setting, without the need of manipulating the color wheel to compensate the inevitable color cast with the previous tested ink sets. The first version of IRK4-nano was suboptimal, good gamut, but a strong greenish cast in the ABW-mode.

Like you have said: the Marrutt CISS with your R2880 is actually made for dye ink, not for pigment, as the ink travels from the bottom to the print head. As such: the pigment particles tend to settle down on the bottom of the CISS overtime....which will sooner or later cause flowing problems. The best CISS for pigment ink printers are actually the most simplest: the ones sold by Inkjetcarts and Inkrepublic with damper cartridges and the ink actually sucked from the bottles like a straw. Also these CISS systems have a wider internal diameter of the tubing system, which greatly facilitates a better ink flow compared to the cheaper version CISS.

I ordered an R3000 CISS system with damper cartridges and see how this turns out: it might be good, it might be bad...let's experience.
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