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Re: Will such a tight case scratch the screen?

My three cases have only a faint smell, much less that your typical wetsuit, but if that's too much it may not go away just like for wetsuits. Any case that has neoprene in it will have that faint smell. I wonder if the smell is very strong if they use different qualities of neoprene.

The only way to get the flap to close on my new ones (when the RX100 has not been in them recently) is to flatten the top of the flap over the RX100, and then it closes but not strongly. This is frustrating because I can't measure any size/length difference with my old one which snaps shut solidly if the case is well inside (when on the belt, I simply pinch the whole thing with my fingers at the bottom and the thumb on top of the RX100, it is fast and easy)

In order to use the case until it gets molded to the camera, I have been thinking it is possible to attach/glue/or-sew a velcro strap to the outside of the magnetic flap and attach/glue/or-sew the other part under the case. That way the velcro strap will pull on the flap and eventually it will mold itself like my old one did.

When the magnetic closure starts working then just stop using the velcro strap, you could even store the velcro strap away by folding it on itself - just need another piece of receiving velcro on the strap part that is attached to the magnetic flap.

Deslock wrote:

Even with the case stretched out so that there's plenty of play side-to-side, I still have to shove the camera down and pull on the flap pretty hard to get the magnets to line up. My hinge is already in the right location, and the case is pretty pliable anyway, so that's not the issue. If the flap was 1/4-1/2" longer, or if the flap magnet was 1/4-1/2" lower, or if the corresponding case magnet was 1/4-1/2" higher, it'd be perfect.

I might call a few places and see if I can find the version of the case with the label.

Unfortunately, the smell has diminished only slightly even after blasting it with a fan at close range for days. If the smell doesn't improve soon, I may return the case because of it.

guyv wrote:

Good luck, as I said it seems that the best is to leave the RX100 in it. It does seem that the ones with the Olympus logo are a better fit, same product code with or without.

You may want to manipulate the "hinge" part of the flap to make it bend for the initial fit (I force hard ripple waves to really soften it). The fit eventually gets quite good, I even walked around with the case upside-down on my belt and only discovered it when I wanted to get at the camera - I am glad the magnetic flap kept it safely inside.

Since this is high-quality nylon and neoprene, I wouldn't call this "cheap fabric". The high-quality leather case I bought might be high-quality but its stiffness makes it less appropriate for the job. Thanks to the flexibility of the Oly case I just grab the RX100 without even thinking about it.

Deslock wrote:

Will taking it in and out of such a tight case scratch the screen over time?

My Olympus 202320 neoprene case arrived from beachcamera today. It didn't have the label, and as expected the RX100 doesn't really fit (a lot of force is needed to get it in deep enough to close the flap).

So I stuffed a bunch of bus schedules in it and I'm leaving it on the porch to air it out (since it also smells horrible... a common issue with cheap fabric cases).

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