RX100 Case Thread III (or Spare Battery Thread I)

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Re: Olympus Neoprene Sport Case 202320

Yes I have the synthetic leather and it really helps tremendously - totally solid when shooting.

The only reason to get the Franiec is because on my NEX-5 I got used to having a totally solid shaped grip so I could keep it in my hand with the arm hanging on my side without the wrist-strap and be confident that it would not slip out of my hand. I figure I would cut-out the leather grip (which also look gorgeous in addition to being functional) - using the franiec as a guide before removing the glue-protection.

kshark wrote:

I thought u already own the synthetic leather grip sticker, does the franiec grip work on top of that? Just curious. How do u like the leather grip? Wondering because im also battling inside whether to get the leather or frantiec grip instead. Thinking i would decide when my oly case comes in. Any comment or recommendation is welcome

guyv wrote:

alvin43 wrote:

I too have the Olympus Neoprene case which I was using with my Canon S100. I like it because of the protection and the magnetic closure. When I put the RX100 it was a bit tight although the cover closed well. Using a sawing stich remover ( which you can buy at any fabric and sawing store for a couple of dollars ) I removed the internal pockets. The extra space was sufficient to have the camera fit perfectly e.g. going from a little snug to loose.

Thanks for this, I meant to remove the internal pocket in my first case and had never done it. Now I have turned all three Oly cases upside-down and removed the pockets - they are really thin though so I am not sure how much of a difference it makes.

In fact I am sure I can add the franiec grip without any problem.

Let me know how that turns out if you get it. I am a bit skeptical but if it works for you in the Oly case, I would get the Franiec for myself too.

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