How to EFTTR (expose further to the right)

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Re: Seems very inefficient.

CCT can help with only one axis, close to "b" in Lab terms (blue-yellow opposite, though it is not normal blue as we perceive it, minus yellow to yellow would be a better description). The "tint" axis is close to "a", that is magenta-green opposition.

The usual way to achieve WB is to equalize response of all colour channels over a grey (or synthetic grey, as in the grey world model) and is performed in RGGB domain. This is based on the theory of equalizing colour channel sensitivities using achromatic colours as a reference.

The "chromatic adaptation" way of achieving white balance is acting over XYZ, that is the ACR/LR way.

All cameramakers who do not adopt DNG stay with the first method.

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