Z-990 problem

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Re: Z-990 problem

The z-990 remains totally dead, so no more original posts from me.

I bought the z-990 as a Kodak Reub, only paid $119 for it, so it was not a lot of money lost, but 4 months of service kind of bugs me.

I an quite certain that some electrical component has failed when I turned the camera to on the last time, probably a fuse.

With Kodak's present status and now their selling off all the consumer film business, their service department has also taken a hit. A phone call gets you to a non native English speaking person, INDIA? MEXICO?

I received no help. Looked into a few of the INTERNET repair shops, pretty much all the same price for an evaluation (around $120), you pay the shipping both ways. Notice that this is for an evaluation, not the repair.

So yesterday, I got all the tools out. screw drivers, high intensity lights, a pad to lay the camera on and a old glass ash tray for those little screws. Took the camera back off, following some directions found on the INTERNET, removed the LCD and by this time I had decided that I was getting no place as to follow the path of battery power.

The camera is very complex in its construction and having no repair parts anyways, I put every thing back together, touched up the screw heads with a flat black paint pen ( hide my taking it apart).

Took the SD card and batteries and put them away in my supply box. The camera presently is in a camera case, but I think I will also salvage this case and put the camera out for a display item on a shelf some place here at the apartment.

Being originally from Rochester, NY, I feel very sad that Kodak continues with its very slow death.

I have enjoyed meeting many of you here at this forum and wish you all good luck shooting with your Kodak gear. Treat it with care.

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