Canon and Nikon DSLRs connectivity ??

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Re: Canon and Nikon DSLRs connectivity ??

omne wrote:

Hi, what are these connectivity options?

On Canon 7D:
• N3 type wired remote control

Just a plug that lets you trip the camera's shutter with a wired remote.

• Communication terminal on base for WFT-E5

This is connector that allows you to buy the Canon WFT-E5 thingy that uses WiFi (802.1) to commuicate with the camera (WFT = Wireless File Transmitter).

On Nikon D7000:
• Mass storage / PTP selectable

Lets you select between different modes for the USB plug:

In the mass-storage class (MSC) mode, the camera simply appears to the computer as an external USB-drive. You can move files back and forth from the camera as desired, but it that's about it. Since the MSC was part of the original USB spec, pretty much every computer that supports USB will be able to natively access the camera's file-system in this mode without any drivers.

When the camera is in the Picture Transfer Protocol PTP mode, it appears to the computer as a camera . As such, asside from basic file transfer tasks it allows you to remotely control the camera (fire the shutter, change exposure, etc.) as well as use various advanced features (custom curves, additional settings, etc.). PTP drivers will also mount the camera's memory card, so you'll have all the functionality of MSC as well. The downside of PTP is that not all OS suports PTP, so you may need to install additional drivers.

(AFAIK, Nikon D7000 actually supports an expanded version of PTP called MTP/PTP. Support for this built into MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7. Dunno about Macintosh.)
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