The "Why I won't be upgrading" thread.

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Re: The "Why I won't be upgrading" thread.

My reasons might be a bit different in places:

1) No way to get 8x10 lines in the viewfinder. One can not replace the focus screen with a Canon offcial screen and the digital lines do not have an 8x10 setting. This is too important for framing for me. Seems petty, but thats business. People buy 8x10s so you have to frame for them.

2) Video is sort of a disappointment. Canon fixed the flaws which is great but decided to keep the image on the soft side to protect the higher priced cameras in the line. That is their business and more power to them, but they missed my two sales.

3) My MKII is great outside of the off-center 95% viewfinder. I really wnated to upgrade when the MKIII was announced but in the end the RAW files are just more four years better than the MKII.

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