Add RAW with firmware upgrade?

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Re: Market product positioning?

Thanks for a reasoned response.

Regarding camera capacity for retro-fit of RAW, OEM RAW isn't any better in some cases. From dpreview's comments on the Nikon P7000:

"the negative effect that using RAW has on the P7000's responsiveness. RAW...essentially locking up the camera for around 5 seconds until the file is written to memory. If you then quickly take a second shot, the write time gets even longer...Continuous shooting...If you select the RAW file format, the camera shoots at 1 fps for up to 5 frames, and then takes around 15 seconds to write them to the memory card."
The Canon hack does no worse.

Regarding targeted design and marketing: It would be a major error to attribute vast market knowledge to any company. I spent years in international marketing overseas, watching U.S. (and other) companies make dumb decisions that cost them a lot of money. In fact, the decline of entire industries and product lines (U.S. domestic autos, British motorcycles, Kodak cameras) can be directly traced to ignorance of the target market. Cameras are no different.

Here’s a comment on the new Pentax X-5: “John Carlson, Senior Manager of Sales and marketing for Pentax, stated that the X-5 “is the ideal compact travel companion for photo enthusiasts who want a digital camera with them wherever they go that’s capable of taking every type of image.”
Except RAW. So much for targeting the market segment.
Not to mention cramming 16mp onto a tiny 1 / 2.3 in sensor: noise AND no RAW.
Not exactly an enthusiast’s dream.

So please, let’s not claim that there is some sort of wisdom behind these decisions.

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