CP4500 has a RAW mode!

Started Jan 21, 2003 | Discussions thread
Jaime Regular Member • Posts: 301
Re: Pardon my ignorance....

Bibble does not work with the NEF from the 4500.

dh3x wrote:
Thanks for clarifying. I also found another software that does the
same thing. It's called Bibble.

AlexMld wrote:
Nikon Editor is getting installed along with Nikon Viewer. I
clicked on the .nef file and it opened in Nikon Editor.
Also try View-> Show Tool Palette 1 there to get to some adjustment
options. Also you can launch Photoshop from it and the image will
open in 16 bit format there. Nikon Capture is a separate, more
powerfull and expensive software but you can download the 30 days
or so trial from US Nikon site. There is also an update for it
somewhere there.


dh3x wrote:

Does Nikon Capture come with CP4500? I seem to have only Nikon
View. And what is Nikon Editor? Where can I get them?


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