How bad is the RX100 highlight clipping and rolling shutter ?Software fixes possible?

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Re: How bad is the RX100 highlight clipping and rolling shutter ?Software fixes possi

I also used to own a XZ1 and I have to disagree with you. The XZ1 tends to deliver just these "black-white" pictures, meaning that highlights are white and other parts sunk in black shadows.

The final straw was a shot of a radio tower in brightest sunlight where you could see heavy noise in the shadowed parts, even at ISO100.

So no, the XZ1 does not have a good DR.

And yes, the church pictures of the RX100 show visibly better DR. Just take a look at the bright alcove on the front left. The small dark ring on the wall and the details of this wall are much more detailed, inspite of the overall picture being brighter.

It is a pity that some fail to handle their cameras well and then wrongly blame the capabilities of the camera instead searching for help to improve their own capabilities.

The XZ1 helped me much in learning to fight with Photoshop just to get decent pictures out of RAW. When I then moved to the Nex 5N, I greatly enjoyed how effortless pictures - as I saw them - popped out of the Camera and out of Photoshop.

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