Thinking of an upgrade

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Thinking of an upgrade

Hi All,

I currently have a Nikon D50 (yes, quite old) 6MP camera together with a 50mm 1.8 & Sigma 17-70 lens. I'm running out of resolution at 3000x2000 and find printing anything larger than A3+ size a bit of a pain.

Let me just say the I'm not brand loyal at all, the only reason I chose the D50 over the Rebel in those days was ergonomics! I have quite large hands and found the canon a bit small.

I'm thinking of selling up the few bits of gear I have and getting a 5D MKII from amazon? I tend to shoot mostly with my prime 50mm so will invest in another one of these again (maybe a 1.4 this time). I'll most likely also get a 85mm and 16-35 down the line.

I don't shoot sport or running horses etc., and as long as the AF on the 5D isn't any worse than a the D50 then I'd be happy. Hell, most of my lenses are motor driven servo AF at the moment! I want to venture into FF and have the ability to print larger canvas images so resolution and IQ are important. I also like to shoot low ISO whenever possible so having the 50 expansion is a bonus plus the 100 baseline.

Most of my photos as scenic, portraits and detail shots of architecture, industrial type street furniture etc. I hardly ever shoot moving objects.

Any suggestions, I've looked at the 7D but prefer the options available of the FF lenses.

Oh and the reason I'm thinking of Canon is I shot with one at a wedding and really loved the feel and layout of the body. I even fell in love with the shutter sound!

Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks folks.


Canon EOS 5D Canon EOS 7D Nikon D50
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