How bad is the AF on the 5D Mark II

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Re: How bad is the AF on the 5D Mark II

yeah well the yankees are so awesome they literally attract AF

try a 7D on the red sox though and you'll see the true 7D AF, well actually no, red sox make AF sick to their stomachs and repel AF, so you'll probably get no decent shot (not that a shot, in focus, of a red sock, could ever be called decent....)

Jay S. wrote:

Never had a problem with the 7D being dodgy in any focusing mode, especially at Yankees games.s

bronxbombers wrote:

Jay S. wrote:

Have never had a problem with my 5DII with either. Lenses play here as well. Shooting a 50mm 1.4 or 85 1.8, I don't have any issues.. my 24-70 likewise has no problems.

The 5DmkIII clearly provided a better AF system, but it is clearly not fast enough to be considered a true sports camera (the 7D - especially with the new fw - is faster than the 5DmkIII and has greater reach with excellent IQ).

Yeah but 7D can get dodgy at times. I trust 5D3 1000x more for stuff like say soccer.
It does hurt to give back the 2fps but AF matters even more.

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