FZ200 $699 Amazon

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Re: FZ200 $699 Amazon

capnblinski wrote:

There a too many people on this forum who can't seem to wait to jump down someones throat.I'me seen this many times on dpreview and many others have mentioned this fact in many other forums. I started this thread, and if some, not all, but some of you can't be civil, then just don't say anything at all.
Good day to you!

I have read all the comments in this thread, and it seems to me that mine was the most critical. I want to personally apologize to you, capnblinski, for my unintended harshness. I certainly did not mean for my comment to read as it did, and I did not recognize my unintended tone until I read your above comment.
Please accept my apology.

I only intended to defend Amazon, as the $699 price had nothing to do with Amazon, but one of their third-party Sellers. I certainly did not intend to be critical or harsh toward you. Again, I am sorry for my unintended tone.

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