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Re: Never had card fail, but I would set for Overflow

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

Every single wedding I have ever done, I have had a laptop and a backup drive.

I would photograph the wedding in sessions, and each session would be like "The Rehearsal", "The Preperation", "The Gathering", "The Formals", "The Ceremony", "The Reception".

After each session, I would race to my little on-site studio and back-up my cards first to the laptop, then to the backup drive.

So my workflow method is always for backup. You can explain the entire world to a bride, but losing her photographs on her most important day of her life as she sees it; there's nothing left but a lawsuit.

I thought you said the other day that you had no use for people photography, wedding photography specifically, and that you hated humanity too much to photograph anything but nature. Was this before you implemented your current philosophy? Just checking.

In any case, the backup strategy you propose is solid, if you have time for it.

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