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Re: New D800 Owner

I also arrived to Nikon from Olympus. I was also perturbed at Olympus for not developing camera bodies fast enough. Their lenses are amazing, perhaps even better than Nikon or Canon at the 4/3rds level. They are really outstanding. The Olympus "pop" color has only one rival and that's Fuji (but I am reconsidering my belief now because the D800 is extremely nice for color).

Olympus has helped the world with innovation after innovation. Their Dust-buster technonolgy is still the best there is. Others are coming closer, but I could go 3 times as long without a cleaning on an Olympus camera vs anything else.

The Olympus community (at least when I was there) was more family-like. Here, it's a bunch of people who will flay the skin off your bones for making any simple mistake at all and not knowing any better. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU??? THIS IS A GEAR FORUM!!! YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO SAY THIS SETTING IS BETTER THAN THAT... It's really quite pathetic. You'll learn to see it as a love-hate relationship. And I'm rather combative, so I expect some of that stuff; but it's just constant non-stop bickering and whining. I mean it's so bad, I wouldn't even tell my family I go here. Just a bunch of real jerks who will pile on top of you like a football team for an onsides kick. They are just really aggressive mean people here. So headsup for a HUGE CHANGE in that regard.

That said, the D800 camera is going to beat the living daylights out of anything Olympus ever even dared to dream about. It's going to be so night and day for you that you'll have to go back to places you've already been because you know that your equipment is finally upto the task for what you originally intended and could not attain. The d800 will not disappoint.

I do however have objection to your 3rd party lenses. I actually do own a Tokina wide DX lens, but that's just because I couldn't afford Nikon and I took a chance. It's pretty solid, and I'm not ashamed, but there's a reason that 3rd party lenses are cheaper, and it's not just the Nikon Label. Nikon, like Olympus, makes great lenses; but they make great lenses for a sensor that's far, far larger than the 4/3rds lenses. So while I applaud Olympus and even give them better marks at that level, when it comes to managing larger surface areas, Olympus can't hold a candle to Canon or Nikon. And 3rd party lenses are cheaper in design, not just cost.

You have just purchased the Ferrari of 35mm cameras. Don't put a Yugo engine in it.

There are 10 types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don't.

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