Aperture Frozen

Started Aug 24, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Alpha Doug wrote:

First off, what plugin are you trying to load through the fusion menu. It's possible that you don't actually have any plugin installed. You have to install the plugins you want to use, then install fusion, then access the plugins through fusion. It's kind of hinky, but it's the way Topaz does it.

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Only my opinion. It's worth what you paid for it. Your mileage may vary! ;-}


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I'm trying to install ReMask. Went through the steps carefully and the last window said that Installation Was Completed. Same with Fusion Express. Tried installing several times. Neither appear in HD Library. In Aperture, when I click on "Edit With Plug-In" Fusion Express appears. Click on it and it tells me to choose a plug-in, but plug-in selection page is blank. Then Aperture freezes.
Very frustrating

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